Business Restructuring, Merger, Amalgamation, Demerger And Acquisition Of Business On Going Concern, Under Slump Sales, Restructuring Etc.
Concerned over increasing cut throat competition, zeal to expand horizons, taxes, bottom-line results, turnover, profits after tax? There is one valid move that is obtaining business restructuring, mergers, acquisition services from professionals in the field.

We provide an integrated team of business restructuring and specialist tax advisers who are dedicated to give clear, commercial and pragmatic advice to assist management in achieving the above objectives while enhance wealth of both promoters and stakeholders.
Our service rendered involves:
  • Business valuation opinions, Swap ratios, exchange ratios of equity and others, fair valuation for amalgamation, business transfer, and others.
  • Forecasts and structuring other criteria such as option plans, ratchet clauses and hurdle rates.
  • Assess and manage acquisition / merger risk.
  • Structure acquisitions to optimize net cash flows.
  • Carry out pre-acquisition due diligence.
  • Ensure tax efficient deal structuring.
  • Ensure post-deal integration.
  • Optimize the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise.
  • To ensure that the price to be paid for the business and assets is not too high and there are no hidden liabilities
Whether you're looking after acquisition, merger, public offering, disposal, change of ownership, a prudent planning and co-ordination is must to achieve a successful outcome. We at B S Sharma & Co., help in developing an effective business plan while assessing options such as management or institutional buy out or buy in, raising development, seeding capital and disposing of a non-core division.
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