Due Diligence & Reporting
We carry on the assignment of due diligence for new take overs, business acquisition, business division take overs and others. Due diligence is an on-site process consisting of inquiry and review to gain greater understanding of current conditions prior to taking action on a proposed transaction. We further go into extensive research and consideration of all factors that might impact a decision. We use our extensive experience in performing a wide range of due diligence engagements in a variety of industries and purposes:
  • Potential mergers, demerger, amalgamation, consolidation & acquisition
  • Private placement
  • Proposal for a bank loan
  • Business/unit of a business valuation
  • Audit performed at the request of a potential buyer
  • And for other similar purposes
We analyze and validate financial, commercial, operational and strategy assumptions underlying the deal. Our in-depth reviews and due diligence strategy uncover the reality of historical data to give client well-grounded opinions to assist them in their assessment of a company's prospects.
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