Financial, tax and insurance planning for individuals
At BSS Group, we have under one roof, all the services of Financial planning, advisory services and ger loans sanction as per requirements of the clients. We have inhouse Life Insurance agency to serve our customers by planning their investments for tax, life assurance and other considering future requirements.
Investment Management
Here at B S Sharma & Co., we are co-ordinating professional management of securities (shares, bonds etc) assets to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of investors.
We follow the screening process of each and every investment that we suggest. Along with evaluating past and present, we undergo the following process:
  • Far extended client relationship establishment
  • Client's objectives for long term or short term goal
  • Analyze, evaluate client's financial position
  • Determine risk tolerance capacity
  • Develop and present investment recommendations
  • Implement right and appropriate investment portfolio
  • Monitor and manage investments with minimum cost & maximise the returns
Our financial planning and investment management solutions division is competent of wealth management and provide professional services to help clients grow, preserve and protect wealth.

Our integration with wealth plan helps to ensure that your investments are managed with your entire financial picture in mind. To meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors we render services like Portfolio/fund Management, Investment in Infrastructure Bonds, schemes for investments in Mutual Funds, Analysis of different companies under various sectors for investments in Shares, Investment of Capital Gain money within the framework of Indian Income Tax Act viz., in bonds of NHAI & RECPL as per announcements.

We assist all our investors for purchase and sale of Shares, Securities, Units of UTI and other Mutual Funds, including investment in Private companies, Partnership Firms and Proprietorship organizations. We have channelized and agency in our associate firm which undertakes to help for Investment in Life Insurance (Selection of suitable policy according your income or for maximum benefit.)
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