Our Strength
Our Strength Lies In Combination Of Vibrant, Experienced, Young Professionals & Supporting Staff:

We are a team of young, experienced and vibrant group of Chartered Accountants, well qualified and experienced support team, in the process of creating a single window for the entire array of Financial, Management, legal and other related services that one may seek. We are a congregation of people comprising diverse mindsets, each relishing a special area of finance, be it venture capital, project finance, statutory as well as information, internal, statutory, operating and management audits, investigations, due diligence, taxation, corporate restructuring or engineering strategies for growth with other peripheral areas related to the financial and operating sectors.

Well equipped to provide a variety of professional services with expertise in the field of audit, advisory and Taxation.
Our Major Clients.....
  • Corporates - Government and Private Sectors
  • Non - corporates
  • Partnership Firms
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Individuals
  • Trusts
  • Non-Profit making companies
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies
  • Others
Our clients are in the Business of:
  • Infrastructures Companies
  • Utility Services
  • Telecommunication
  • Logistics Services
  • Entertainments, Event Managements
  • Print Media
  • Mercandise
  • Hospitality industry
  • Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs
  • Packaging Industry
  • Precious Metal Refinery
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies, etc.
  • Banking Companies
  • Amusement Parks
  • Webportal companies
  • Trading in Inter-activities IVR equipments
  • Website development companies
  • Management consultancy companies
  • Direct to Home cable company
  • L.L.Ps in Finance, Mutual funds, Real estate
  • Security services
  • And others
Other non-corporate entities include individuals, trusts and others.
We are on the panel of ICAI's Peer Review Board and Technical Review Board for carrying out Peer Review and Technical Review of the Financial statements as allocated by the ICAI to the firm.
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