Audit & Assurance Services
When it comes to improvise organizational efficiency, compliance consciousness, identification and assessment of risks prevailing, the need of auditing cannot be ignored at all. An audit of financial statement is well defined as a systematic process of objectively obtaining effectiveness and appropriateness of financial statements thus presented.
Objectives of an audit engagement
Not solemnly attributed to preparation, fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework, objectives of an audit engagement are far extended to:
  • Accountability in management control
  • Relevance & reliability in financial statements
  • Accuracy in statements thus prepared and presented
  • Truth, fairness and reasonable assurance
  • Determine materiality and audit risk
  • Compliance with regulatory provisions and applicable enactments.
We provide assurance of the following:
  • Activities, events and functions are being done, performed rightly in accordance with organizational objectives
  • Adequacy of governance, risk management and other related internal controls
  • Reliability of information contained
  • Non-existent of fraud occurring within an organization
  • An integrated approach to monitor and update standards
  • And lastly, an assurance that organization is operating as management intends
The services we provide are in compliance with the legal environment that includes:
  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • System & management audit
  • Management & operational audit
  • Concurrent, income & expenditure audit
  • Bank audit
  • Stock audit
  • Due diligence
  • Certification work
  • LLP audits under Companies Act
  • Peer review audit
  • NBFC audit
  • Technical Review of the Financial statements
  • Regulatory compliances & reporting thereon
Responding with the challenges of clients with high quality, retaining their value of money and anticipate risks before they grew taking worse shape, turn to professionals team of auditors at B S Sharma & Co.
Continuous professional development and far effective quality control measures both at law and engagement level is what set us apart from others.
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