Business Valuation And Valuation Of Shares
We undertake business valuation and valuation of shares for swap ratios in various business deals, for gifts and estate purposes in succession planning.

We also value the business by using the various methods, detailed below, for swap ratios and other considerations in such ventures.

We go the root of the mandate and understand the complex situations and issues involved in valuing a business interest. Further our firm assists with reasonable, supportable and defensible business valuations customized to particular situation the client is in. We determine the true value financial asset of business, under the generally acceptable business valuation methods. We apply under the circumstances variety of methodologies and techniques in deriving a business valuation.

Further we also exploit our experience and apply our judgment to give our clients the quality of business valuation advice. Further we adopt a unique valuation method to a high level of adaptability, flexibility and innovation. The various accepted business valuation methods are followed are:
  • Adjusted Book Value
  • Asset Valuation
  • Cash Flow Method
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Fair valuation of Balance Sheet components
  • Price Earnings Multiple Valuation
We expertise and use in-depth knowledge of both local and global business issues by bring in innovative ideas to deliver dynamic solutions so as to add value to the client organization.
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