Business Process Outsourcing Services
Wondering how to gain visibility across your supply chain? Finding strategies that can help you stay ahead of competition? Bank upon professionals and achieve a step change in efficiency, ability and competitiveness.

Unprecedented challenges, economic turmoil, market complexities today leaving companies struggle to maintain profitability. If similar are consequences with you, business process outsourcing can benefit huge while improvise service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes and invent efficiency.

Our business process outsourcing services, support, resources and benefits are far extended to both on-site manpower resources and offshore, which involves:
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Payrolls
  • Order management
  • Billing services
  • Account payables
  • Accounts receivables
  • General accounting
  • Tax management
  • MIS reporting
  • Statutory reporting
  • Analysis transactional processing
  • Cash application/allocation
  • Payment research
  • And accounts reconciliation
Our team of professionals and industry experts are proposed to make your business efficient and effective as per specific needs of clients. Whatever your business goals, we make it work by delivering exceptional outcomes.
Our services include:
  • Book-keeping and management of financial accounts
  • Tax return for clients on quick book (in bulk & under guidance)
  • Payroll processing
  • Secretarial and company law matters
  • Returns under Income tax, service tax, Mvat Acts
  • Projects funding and working capital management
  • FEMA
  • Patents and trade marks
  • Labor laws
  • Transfer pricing both domestic and international
  • VAT, income tax, service tax & other related registration and returns
When seeking new ways to achieve high performance, risk elimination, fostering collaboration and risk reduction, business process outsourcing services come to rescue. Boost performances, reduce costs and gain competitive edge today by enrolling in business process outsourcing services at B S Sharma & Co.
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